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Our mission statement

SamaCore Yoga & Barre was born from a desire to offer a variety of mind/body fitness classes under one roof.

This is in keeping with our mission to bring wellness and vitality to the community through our specially designed classes. "Sama" is a Sanskrit word that means "balance or equanimity," and each of us approaches how we balance our lives differently.

Balance is a unique and individual experience. By offering a variety of Yoga/Barre practices at our studio, you can find which practice or practices resonate with you.

It all comes down to cultivating both inner and outer stability through lifestyle choices that support us, and that inspire us to live a life we love in a body that we love.

The customized group setting allows us to focus attention on each student. This ensures proper technique is used to receive maximum results.

Whether you are new to Yoga and Barre or an experienced student we have classes to suit you!


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